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You can’t go wrong with the new Practum®! Rely on consistent readings and excellent repeatability ensured by Sartorius quality and technology developed and designed in Germany. Practum® has everything you need for standard applications.

Rugged Weigh Cell for Reliable Results – Every Time, All the Time

High-resolution, overload-protected weigh cells made in Germany ensure durable and reliable performance of Practum®.

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Practical and Sturdy Draft Shield

The sturdy draft shield will stand up to daily use, even "abuse" by inexperienced operators. Moreover, it can be completely disassembled to conveniently clean the glass parts in a dishwasher.

Supervisor Lock

This practical feature enables teachers and professors to lock the menu against accidental changes. As a result, students can concentrate on learning.

Extra-large Feet and Up-front Level Indicator for Easy Leveling

Two large, easy-to-adjust feet and an outstandingly simple-to-read level indicator on the front make it a breeze for you to level the Practum®. This helps ensure accurate, repeatable weighing results.

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