Cubis® II QApps — The Cubis® II Lab Balance Software Concept

QApp-Packages are software programs (QApps), for instance, lab applications, functions, or utilities. After licensing, these QApps can be activated and run in a task.

The licenses for the QApp-Packages can be ordered together with the balance. All packages are pre-installed on the balance and ready for use after delivery.

In the QApp-Center, browse through the packages to obtain detailed information about their content.

We suggest ordering our All-Inclusive Package QP99, which includes an incredible price advantage.

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The Future-Proof Balance

  • Flexibility to extend and update Q-Apps.
  • Q-Apps can be modified if they do not fit 100% in your workflow
  • Because Q-Apps are compact and clearly structured, they are easy to validate, with reduced testing efforts.
  • Q-Apps feature an iterative software development cycle for the complete life of the application.
  • Long-term flexibility guarantees adaptation to evolving regulatory and laboratory needs.

Onboard QApp Center

Choose your applications or individual balance functions from QApp packages clustered by different topics. License your selected package and integrate them into the tasks you can run on the balance.

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And Easy Use

  • Start the QApp in a “Task” you can start it and run the application.
  • The QApp guides you through the workflow and gives you support to get reliable results.
  • Depending on the QApp, you can present your results with statistics, in numbers, or graphically.
  • Results can be print out on the suggested Sartorius printer or on a standards network printer.

Select the QApp package which fits best to your requirements. The package of Ess...

Pharma Package QP1

Offers 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and other pharma relevant applications with all you need for use in regulated areas.

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Advanced Package QP2

Advanced weighing applications includes many useful applications which cover the most common lab workflows.

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Utilities Package QP3

Includes special weighing applications and functions that support and optimize the use of the balance in your lab.

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Connectivity Package QP4

Includes applications for data exchange for seamless integration of the balance in your IT environment.

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QApp Center

Detailed information on the different QApps and QApp Packages

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To continue using your QApp on your Cubis® balance over the long term, you will need to activate this app as a permanent download.

QAPP activation

The Cubis® II Status Center

  • Cubis® II includes a diagnosis and monitoring system with a dashboard display for warnings or errors and environmental conditions, allowing users to see relevant information at a glance
  • The dashboard also displays an evaluation of signals from integrated sensors, such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, and levelling
  • Cubis® II not only shows what is wrong but also offers support for warning and errors
  • The Status Center displays complete device information, such as model designation, serial number, firmware package version, QAPP Center version, and IP address at a glance
  • Automatic monitoring of device status prevents erroneous measurement results through use of a non-calibrated or non-leveled device, for instance.

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