High-Throughput Mannose Screening of Crude and Purified Monoclonal Antibodies (mAb) and Protein Samples

  • Designed to analyze both crude and purified samples: no purification or digestion required
  • Relative mannose content screening and ranking of samples into groups: high, medium, or low
  • High-throughput analysis of 96 samples, in parallel, in less than 1 hour

Glycosylation, an important post-translational modification, is a key critical quality attribute (CQA) that influences product safety and efficacy and should be monitored when developing new biological drugs.

Among various glycan structures, mannose is especially important as it affects a protein’s plasma clearance and reduces its in vivo half-life, negatively impacting drug efficacy. While process conditions, media and feed formulations are critical factors in the optimization of protein mannosylation, optimal cell line selection can be a limiting step; early screening for mannose content can facilitate the selection of clones that produce proteins with favorable glycan profiles during cell line development (CLD).

The Octet® GlyM Kit enables high-throughput mannose content screening in crude cell culture samples during early clone selection stages in the CLD process. When combined with titer analysis, it expedites the selection of the top performing cell lines producing proteins with the most favorable glycan (mannose) profile. Only clones which are the most suitable will move downstream for further optimization. Reliable data at this early stage supports shorter lead times and prevent later failures.

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Octet® GlyM Kit Workflow at a Glance

Schematic showing overall mannose screening using GlyM Kit in combination with titer determination to rank the samples by best producer vs. the desired mannose content.

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Comparison of GlyM Kit Throughput on Various Octet® Systems

Assay Parameter

Octet® R8 System, Sidekick and GlyM Kit

Octet® RH16 System, Sidekick and GlyM Kit

Octet® RH96 System and GlyM Kit

Time to Results

<2.5 hr/96 samples

˜1.5 hr/96 samples

<1 hr/96 samples

Sample Type

Crude cell culture supernatant

Mannose Glycans Content Screening for Human-mAb Samples

A novel approach for relative mannose content screening and ranking of human monoclonal antibody (mAb) samples using the Octet® GlyM Kit

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