Sartopore® Air

The Single-Use Venting Filter

Highest Venting Performance meets the Requirements for your Single-Use Application

Sartopore® as a leading and trustworthy brand name is a synonym for high-performance sterilizing-grade filters using polyethersulfone (PES) membranes. Now Sartopore® opens up a new field of applications. Our new hydrophobic PES membrane is the ideal choice for sterile venting of your single-use systems, clearly outperforming all PVDF filters in this field of play. This allows economic downsizing of the filters without affecting the overall performance. This outstanding new membrane material provides unique advantages for your process. Sartorius Stedim Biotech is the only provider of hydrophobic PES filters from small to large scale.

Midisart® Sartopore® Air

Best Performance Needs Only Little Space

Our High Runner for Small Venting Applications

The new, gamma irradiatable Midisart® is developed to meet the requirements for your critical small-scale venting applications, accurately fitting to your processes. Particle retention, particle release limits, phage retention and of course bacteria retention in air and liquids (bi-directional) are specifications that proof the quality of Sartopore® Air Midisart®. Superior and steady flow rates over long duration imply highly efficient processes.

Air Flow Rate

Sartopore® Air Midisart easily outperforms all PDVF based filters

  • Liquid Bacteria Challenge Test – 107 B. diminuta /cm²
  • Aerosol Virus Challenge Test – 107 MS-2 coliphage /cm²
  • Aerosol Particle Challenge Test – 0.3 µm and 0.005 µm NaCl particles
  • Particle Release Test – Grade A classification of cleanrooms
  • Bi-directional sterility – Liquid BCT in forward and reverse direction

Key Applications

  • Single-use assemblies
  • Small bioreactors
  • Carboys
  • Filling and transfer vessels
  • Holding and storage tanks | bags
  • Fill & finish applications
  • Bags | Bottles | Tubing assemblies
  • Mixers
  • Cell Culture Chambers

Datasheet - Sartopore Air Midisart

PDF | 706.1 KB

Sartopore® Air Maxicaps® & Midicaps®

Sartorius Offers Solutions for all Dimensions

Outstanding Performance and Security for higher Volume Processes

Our large Scale devices Maxicaps® and Midicaps® completely address the rigorous demands of single-use venting applications. Particle retention, phage retention and of course bacterial retention in air and liquid are specifications that proof the quality of Sartopore® Air. Highly economic filter sizing allows efficiency and cost savings and brings the maximum profit to your process.

Inherent quality provides full confidence.

Size Size 1 Size 2
Filtration Area 0.53 m² / 5.7 ft² 1.06 m² / 11.4 ft²
Size Size 4 Size 7 Size 8 Size 9 Size 0
Filtration Area 0.016 m² / 0.17 ft² 0.05 m² / 0.5 ft² 0.1 m² / 1.1 ft² 0.17 m² / 1.83 ft² 0.34 m² / 3.66 ft²

Key Applications

  • Single Use Bioreactors (Sparge | Overlay filter assemblies | Exhaust filter assemblies)
  • Single-Use Mixing and Storage bag vents
  • Single-Use Liquid filter assemblies requiring PUPSIT (Pre-Use Post Sterilization Integrity Testing)
  • Air Filtration in the Fill-finish environment 
  • Easy Integration into Single-Use Systems: Filter Transfer Sets
Membrane MaterialPolyethersulfone (PES), hydrophobic
Pore Size0.2 µm (single layer)
Fleece MaterialPolypropylene (PP) | Polyethylene (PE)
Housing MaterialPolypropylene (PP)
Membrane Area0.53 m²/10’’
SterilizationGamma irradiation ≤50 kGy (1x)
Delivery StatusNon sterile
Integrity TestWIT | WFT, Diffusion Test, Bubble Point Test

Air Flor Rate Sartopore® Air

For Capsules

Valid for SS-Connectors


Datasheet - Sartopore® Air Midicaps® and Maxicaps®

PDF | 636.5 KB

Sartopore® Air Is Now Available in Filter Transfer Sets

Simplify Your Daily Routine Work by Using Our Modular Filter Assemblies

You will benefit from:

  • Pre-sterilized sets - no sterilization on site required
  • Improved handling - quick and safe connection
  • Freedom of choice - no limitations of filter material & sterilization method

Filter Transfer Sets

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