Single-Use Filtration Systems for 2,000 L or Greater

MaxiCaps® MR eliminates scale-up limitations in single-use technology

Pre-assembled, pre-sterilized and self-contained: MaxiCaps® MR is designed for large-scale filtration in biopharmaceutical applications. Compact and ready-to-use MaxiCaps® MR devices not only mitigate risk due to their ease of use and minimized handling as a result, but also significantly save time. MaxiCaps® MR is the only logical choice when large filtration areas are needed in single-use processes.


  • Ready to use – pre-assembled & pre-sterilized system
  • Risk mitigation – 90 % less tubings & connectors
  • Space-saving – smallest footprint
  • Time saving – 90% less test time – Saves up to 4 hours 


  • Filtration area of up to 27 m²
  • Complete device integrity testable as a single unit
  • Flexible choice of inlet and outlet connections: Opta®, 1.5” TC or weldable tubing
  • Large variety of pre-filters and sterilizing-grade filters
  • 3, 6 or 9 (30”) capsules
  • One single air filter for effective system venting

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MaxiCaps® MR at a Glance


Single-use filter capsules have been systematically replacing stainless steel housings and filter cartridges as a highly economical and risk-adverse choice for the biopharmaceutical industry. From capsules to complex custom assemblies, implementation of single-use filter systems reduces the time it takes for equipment setup and virtually eliminates the need for cleaning.

Conventional multi-round filter housings have now evolved into single-use MaxiCaps® MR systems to meet today’s advanced requirements.

MaxiCaps® MR pushes back the scale-up limits of single use

Until MaxiCaps® MR, there has been no single-use equivalent to large-scale, multi-round filter configurations provided by stainless steel systems. MaxiCaps® MR is the first ready-to-use, fully self-contained, single-use filtration unit featuring a wide choice of configurations. With 90% less tubing and only two connections, MaxiCaps® MR reduces risk significantly.

Multi-Product Facilities: Fast Change-Over by Modular Package Units

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MaxiCaps® MR Unique Large Scale Single-Use Filter Device

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