Rapid Cycling Using Chromatography Membranes and Monoliths

Intensification of a chromatography step can be taken as an opportunity to disrupt the status quo and redesign the way you do chromatography.  Rapid Cycling Chromatography (RCC), with our membranes and monoliths, offers a simplified alternative to traditional batch chromatography. RCC with these convective media provides extremely high productivity compared to resins, while eliminating column handling and associated non-value-added activities such as column cleaning, packing and validation.

>10-fold high productivity

RCC with Sartobind® Rapid A allows >10x higher productivity than traditional capture using resins

Save up to 30% cost in clinical process

RCC eliminates column handling, provides optimal media utilization per batch, thereby reducing costs & waste

Minimize process risk

No columns and one-batch-one-membrane approach eliminates operator error, contamination and bioburden risks

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Find the Right Intensified Batch Chromatography System

We offer the following two systems for implementing RCC along with a global team of Field Application Specialists that can help with installation, training and application support.

Resolute® Flowdrive SU

Resolute®  RCC MU


Clinical | Commercial Scale

Process Development | Clinical Scale

Process Type

RCC, batch


Single-use or multi-use 



Flow Rate Range

18-900 L/hr

5-150 L/hr

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3 Requirements for Rapid Cycling Chromatography

1. Convective Media

  • High mass transfer
  • High permeability
  • Low fouling

2. Scalable Device Portfolio

  • Steep breakthrough curve
  • Sharp elution peak
  • Scalable from 3 mL to 100 L

3. Chromatography System

  • Fast flow rate
  • Rapid buffer changes
  • User friendly data handling

Our Portfolio

Resolute® RCC MU

Resolute® RCC MU is a multi-use liquid chromatography system intended for purification of mAbs, ADC, vaccines and recombinant proteins. This system provides a tailored design and configuration for the implementation of Rapid Cycling Chromatography (RCC) to overcome the limitations of processes based on resins.

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Resolute® Flowdrive SU

Resolute® Flowdrive SU is a single-use liquid chromatography system that provides unparalleled flexibility for implementing Rapid Cycling Chromatography, traditional batch chromatography, as well as multi-product manufacturing.

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Sartobind® Rapid A

Goodbye column packing, hello Sartobind® Rapid A. Meet a unique scalable, highly productive membrane platform for mAb capture.

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Application Note

Sartobind® Rapid A: High Binding Capacities at Short Residence Times

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