Safetyspace® Filter Tips

Safetyspace® Filter Tips

Safetyspace® Filter Tips tips offer optimal protection for your work from cross contamination and enable you to use the full volume of the tip with any pipetting mode. In addition to protecting your samples, the filter protects your pipette.

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Safetyspace® Filter Tip Features

Mind the Gap

The Safetyspace® gap is a unique product feature of Sartorius tips. It leaves extra room for the liquid, so it never touches the filter eliminating loss of sample, reducing risk of contamination and reduction in accuracy.​

Now you can use the entire volume range of your electronic pipette in any pipetting mode.

Aerosol Barrier Filter​

Safetyspace® Filter tips are fitted with pure polyethylene filters that effectively capture solid and liquid aerosol particles. The filter is made without self-sealing additives to avoid any interference with your samples or results.

The Extra Space is Particularly Useful in the Following Applications:

  • Pipetting foaming liquids such as buffers and proteins​

  • Pipetting solvents​

  • Multi dispensing and reverse pipetting

Frequently Asked Questions

Pipette tip filters are usually made of Polyethylene which doesn't tolerate autoclaving conditions. Safetyspace® Filter Tips come sterilized so there is no need to autoclave them.

You shouldn't as any filter will affect the airflow inside the pipette. Having two filters might have a significant effect on the accuracy and precision of the pipette. With some pipettes the Safe-cone filter and the pipette filter might collide leaving the seal between the pipette and tip incomplete. 

Safe-cone filters are used multiple times and the risk of contamination is higher than with filter tips that are discarded after a single use. The pipette tip filter protects your pipette's tip cone and the insides where as the Safe-cone filter protects only the insides of the pipette.

Self-sealing filter tips block liquid flow in case of over-pipetting but also retain your sample. Sartorius Safetyspace® Filter Tips have the unique Safetyspace® gap which leaves plenty of space between the maximum volume of the tip in reverse pipetting and the filter so you shouldn't have to worry about over-pipetting.

Yes, all Sartorius pipette tips are recyclable. Sartorius Optifit tips are made of pure Polypropylene (PP) and can be recycled or combusted. Safetyspace® Filter Tips additionally include a pure Polyethylene (PE) filter and can also be recycled or combusted. Finally Low Retention pipette tips can be recycled as the above. Please note that pipette tips that have been used need to be evaluated for presence of hazardous materials.

Safe-cone filters are intended to protect the insides of the pipette from splashes, aerosols and particles like dust. Safetyspace® Filter Tips are the most effective way to protect samples and your pipette from cross contamination.

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Pipetting Resources

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