Laboratory Ultrafiltration: Product Qualification Guide


This guide is designed to help ultrafiltration process developers, researchers, lab managers and any other end users, select the best Sartorius lab ultrafiltration product range for their application. Focusing on the three critical aspects of selection: target type, target size and sample volume, this guide highlights what product range may be suitable for typical sample treatment and control processes, such as for sensitive samples and how to define a final concentrate volume. 

Some examples are also provided. It should be noted that this guide is based upon typical ultrafiltration models. Due to the variations within protein, membrane and inorganic chemistry, etc., we always recommend testing with sample devices prior to establishing a method.

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Qualification Guide Highlights
  • Organized by selection type — Choose the best device for your lab ultrafiltration application using three critical selection types: target type, target size and sample volume
  • Designed for you — Helpful for ultrafiltration process developers, researchers, lab managers, and any other lab ultrafiltration end user
  • Example applications included — See how Sartorius lab ultrafiltration devices are used across common applications

Poster Sample: Laboratory Ultrafiltration Product Qualification Guide

Sample image. Laboratory Ultrafiltration Product Qualification Guide. Download the full poster for more details.

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