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Sartorius Ultrafiltration Devices Are Ideal for Reliable Diagnostic Sample Preparation

Sartorius Vivaspin® and Vivapore® ultrafiltration devices for general laboratory use are the perfect starting point for your diagnostic sample preparations.

Centration Diagnostic Protein Markers 50-Fold in Minutes

Human Specimen Concentration with Vivaspin® and Vivapore®

Measurement of proteins from human specimens are important for the diagnosis and monitoring of a variety of specific diseases and disorders.

  • Vivaspin® concentrates the sample in minutes
  • Vivapore® offers the most cost efficient solution with no additional equipment needed

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Application Note

Urine Protein Concentration with Vivaspin®

 Vivaspin® centrifugal devices are ideal for this purpose, combining fast ultrafiltration with high concentration factors and recoveries, to reach the sensitivity required for accurate detection...

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