Cell selection and retrieval instrument with dual monitors

Single Cell, Clone & Colony Analysis, Screening & Isolation

Empower your research with the leading cell and colony screening and isolation system

The CellCelector platform is a fully automated cell imaging and picking system developed for the screening, selection and isolation of single cells, clusters, spheroids and organoids, as well as single cell clones and adherent colonies.

Based on the high scanning and picking speed which results in a fast retrieval of cells, the CellCelector is compatible with single cell RNA analysis applications and perfectly suited for the isolation of living cells. In combination with our Nanowell technology, the CellCelector is the perfect system for high-throughput single cell cloning or single B-cell secretion assays in antibody discovery, as well as the isolation of rare cells (e.g. CTCs) for subsequent analysis. 

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CellCelector Flex

Cell Selection and Retrieval instrument

Fully automated image-based analysis, screening, sorting and picking of single cells, clones, clusters and adherent cell colonies 

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Incubator FlowBox

Laminar flow cabinet with efficient control of temperature, humidity and CO2 level for long-term cloning experiments and live cell sorting 
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Nanowell Arrays

Parallel screening and isolation of thousands of cells for accelerating antibody discovery and cell line development 

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Capillaries and Tips

Reusable stainless steel and glass capillaries & disposable plastic tips for CellCelector Flex

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Image-based Analysis & Isolation

The CellCelector inverted fluorescence microscope with high resolution optics allows the identification of target cells based on morphological attributes and fluorescence signals. The highly efficient imaging system offers a wide range of image processing options so that even similar cells can be differentiated.

Unique Flexibility & Versatility

Due to three different picking modules and compatibility with a huge range of standard and custom cell culture labware the CellCelector can be used in a multitude of research areas (e.g. circulating tumor cell/CTC screening, stem cell research as well as cell line development and antibody discovery).

Gentle Picking Technology

The patented picking technology of the CellCelector is characterized by an extremely gentle cell transfer resulting in high cell integrity and outgrowth rates after picking (including up to 95% and more viability in single cell cloning applications). 

Incubator FlowBox: sample processing under physiological conditions

The unique combination of a laminar flow cell culture hood and CO2 incubator allows keeping cells in stable environmental conditions during the experiments and provides optimal results and reproducibility. 


Single Cell Isolation

Equipped with the Single Cell Picking Module, the CellCelector provides gentle aspiration with extremely high precision down to the nanoliter range. Typical application areas are:

  • Isolation of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) for oncology applications
  • Isolation of single fetal cells for cell based non-invasive prenatal testing (cbNIPT)
  • Forensic applications, e.g. picking of sperms for genetic analysis
  • Preparation of high-quality spike-ins for reference samples
  • Heterogeneity analysis (Purification of samples for genetic single cell analysis: single cell PCR, RNA-seq, NGS)

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Cell Line Development

Fast generation of clonal pharmaceutical production cell lines with the CellCelector Single Cell Cloning Technology:

  • Analysis of thousands of clones in parallel
  • Subcloning-free single cell cloning workflow with integrated monoclonality proof
  • Selective isolation of only vital clones
  • Targeted selection of high producing clones
  • Industry leading outgrowth rates of single cells even for extremely difficult to grow cell lines
  • Considerable saving of time, consumables, media and storage capacities

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Antibody Discovery

Single cell analysis with the CellCelector allows the detection of rare antibodies with unique properties which are hard to find under conventional screening methods. The system combines selective cell screening, imaging, sensitive single cell secretion assays as well as cell isolation. Hundred-Thousands of cells can be processed in parallel. Individual cells will be screened immediately in specific and multiplexed immunoassays instead of culturing for weeks to reach a minimum number of cells for the assay.

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Stem Cells

The CellCelector, with its specifically designed picking modules for adherent cells and cell colonies as well as for isolation from semi-solid media is extremely gentle, very specific and therefore ideally suited for the clonal passaging of stem cells, stem cell colonies as well as the isolation of specific parts of a stem cell colony. It will support your stem cell research, for example by:

  • Clonal picking of newly derived iPS colonies
  • Colony picking for genome editing, e.g. using CRISPR/Cas9
  • Colony splitting with transfer to two or three destination plates (creation of replica plates)
  • Isolation of differentiated stem cell colonies
  • Scanning and isolation of hematopoietic stem cell colonies from methylcellulose enabling further downstream analysis following e.g. CFC assays
  • Isolation of single stem cells for single cell cloning or heterogeneity studies
  • Isolation of HSC daughter cells or “Doublets splitting”
  • Cleaning up of stem cell cultures by removal of differentiated areas

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the CellCelector can isolate both living and fixed cells.

In order to recover cells from a dried surface it should be first pre-wet in PBS (e.g. 24 hours in advance) as cells are recovered using controlled liquid aspiration.

There is no intrinsic dead volume and corresponding cell loss during cell recovery.

The CellCelector can be placed in a biosafety cabinet (yours or a customized one, provided by Sartorius) or in our Incubator FlowBox. The latter does not only provide a sterile environment but also temperature, CO2 and humidity regulation and thus supports the cultivation of sensitive cells.

No. The CellCelector is equipped with a powerful robot arm that can potentially harm users. To protect them, the CellCelector must be installed within housing with a safety lock. At the moment the housing is open, the safety lock cuts immediately the motor's power. All housings offered for the CellCelector are equipped with such a safety lock. For applications which don’t need sterility we offer the CellCelector PCR Hood.

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