WEBINAR RECORDING: Shake-Up Your Cell Expansion Efforts 

Presenter: Charles Meadows, Head of Product Management, Smart Consumables, Sartorius-Stedim Biotech

An efficient manufacturing process aims to reduce process steps, cut waste and, in the case of biopharmaceutical manufacturing, remove the risk of contamination. Every production batch begins by expanding the cell culture population from the vial of cells from the working cell bank to the bioreactor. Cell passaging has been left largely unchanged from the earliest days of the biopharma industry. Mapping of current cell expansion processes reveals many opportunities to eliminate steps, reduce waste, lower costs and take away the risk of contamination.

Join Charles Meadows

Hear how the application of modern bottle and flask closure technologies in combination with machine automation can compress a cell expansion process map to bring about a low-risk, streamlined workflow with reduced operating costs.

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