High-Throughput Antibody Discovery Targeting Cell Surface Receptors for Signaling Blocking in Cancer

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The use of monoclonal antibody-based therapeutics to target and treat cancer is considered to be one of the most successful therapeutic strategy within the oncology field to date. Both unconjugated and conjugated antibodies are currently approved by the FDA for cancer therapy capitalizing on methods of action spanning from direct inhibition of cell survival pathways to delivery of cytotoxic drugs. Specific cell surface antigen recognition is paramount to the success of these drugs, necessitating high resolution, early stage characterization of lead antibody drug candidates prior to preclinical development.

Major advancements in high-throughput flow cytometry have enabled more thorough analysis of on-cell antigen specificity and function earlier in the drug discovery process, allowing for more exquisite antibody discovery within the oncology field.

In this webinar, Tracey Mullen, COO of Abveris, will review an antibody discovery campaign targeting a cell surface receptor implicated in cancer. Methods for immunization, antibody discovery, and subsequent functional characterization will be detailed.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Detailed overview of high-throughput antibody characterization in antibody discovery workflows
  • Importance of leveraging high-content screening as early in the discovery process as possible to improve likelihood of campaign success

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Tracey Mullen, MBA

Chief Operating Officer
Abveris and AbX Biologics

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