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Sartorius Acquires New Lab and Bioprocess Businesses

Sartorius successfully closed the acquisition of leading life science businesses from the Danaher Group. All portfolios represent an excellent fit, adding best-in-class technology for simplifying drug discovery and advancing bioprocessing to Sartorius’ already strong offering. The teams involved look forward to combining capabilities and serving their biopharma and life science customers together. 

Acquisition of Selected Assets of Danaher Life Sciences

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chromatography membranes and chromatography resins for downstream processes


Columns, systems, resins and membranes for chromatography in Single-use, Multi-Use and intensified bioprocessing, for all scales.

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Illustration of tangential flow filtration

Tangential Flow Filtration

TFF solutions in various formats for all stages and scales of concentration/buffer exchange, from process development to cGMP production.

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Our protein-coated & animal product free microcarriers promote excellent cell attachment and growth for a broad range of anchorage-dependent cell...

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ForteBio’s Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) Systems

BLI systems complement Sartorius’s overall offering to our customers engaged in drug discovery/development and biomanufacturing

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Our Service Teams are on hand to provide technical guidance and support for our new Chromatography and TFF Customers. Please get in contact with our E...

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Particle Validation Standards

This line of custom-manufactured standards is designed to validate the visual inspection process used for Quality Assurance.

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Brands Now Part of the Sartorius Family

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