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Impurities are found in all drinking water and have a negative influence on your scientific analyses. With the Sartorius water academy you learn where impurities are coming from and how you purify water to the standard you need for your specific application. In order to save resources, you’ll gain a theoretical and practical understanding of how to work most efficiently with your lab water system.

Your Benefit

  • You know about the types of water impurities, how to test them and what the required purification process is
  • You know the currently used laboratory standards and learn what is the appropriate water quality for your scientific applications
  • You learn how to reduce your running costs without compromising on your water quality


Water Impurities

  • Types of impurities in drinking water
  • Effect of impurities on water purification systems and measurements
  • Testing and removing impurities (purification technologies)
  • Minimizing the risk of recontamination and bacterial growth

Water Quality

  • Classification of water
  • Definition of water qualities
  • Regulatory affairs and standards

Lab Water Systems

  • Identifying the ideal lab water solution for a given application
  • Best practices for efficiency, correct quality and quality consistency

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