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Filtration basics are crucial for you to select the right filtration devices and membranes in order to sterilize your reagents and to protect your chromatography columns. The Sartorius filtration academy will give you an overview of the most important filtration methods and devices. The practical and theoretical training parts enable you to ensure ergonomic handling and to achieve the fastest process speeds and the highest possible sample recoveries.

Your Benefits

  • You find the right filtration membrane for your application from the large market offering
  • You ensure ergonomic handling, fast process speeds and highest sample recoveries by choosing the correct filtration tools
  • You know how to select the optimal filtration device and method for your specific sample preparation application


Basic Filtration

  • Overview of basic filtration media (paper and membrane filters, glass and quartz microfilters)
  • Basic knowledge of membrane structures, materials and pore sizes
  • Selecting the right material for your applications
  • FAQs (i.e. how to measure the retention rate for air filtration vs. liquid filtration

Filtration Devices

  • Practical selection guide for the right membrane and device for sample preparation applications
  • Key factors to consider in terms of device quality, integrity and chemical compatibility
  • Integrity testing on a device after filtration
  • Ergonomic factors for working with syringe filters

Ultrafiltration Devices

  • Introduction to ultrafiltration methods
  • Concentrating initial sample volumes of 0.5 mL to 5 L efficiently
  • Highest sample recovery after protein concentration with the optimal device and the correct MWCO
  • Applications for ultrafiltration

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