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Executive Board Sartorius Group

Chairman | CEO

Joachim Kreuzburg

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Florian Funck

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Bioprocess Solutions Division

René Fáber

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Lab Products & Services Division

Alexandra Gatzemeyer

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Sartorius Campus | Göttingen, Germany

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Sartorius Campus | Göttingen, Germany

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Sartorius Campus | Göttingen, Germany

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Plant in Guxhagen, Germany

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Plant in Ulm, Germany

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Plant in Aubagne, France

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US Headquarters | Bohemia, New York

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Office building in Shanghai, China

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Office Building | Beijing, China

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Customer Interaction Center | Beijing, China

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Plant in Yauco, Puerto Rico

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Plant in Bangalore, India

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Plant in Havant, United Kingdom

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Plant in Beit Haemek, Israel

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Plant in Adjovscina, Slovenia

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Plant in M’Hamdia, Tunisia

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Integrated Solutions for the Manufacture of Biopharmaceuticals

Safety, flexibility and efficiency are playing an ever-increasing role in the manufacture of biopharmaceuticals. Configurable and scalable system solutions, such as Flexact®, can be used in all process steps – in preparation of media and buffers, cell harvesting, crossflow filtration, viral clearance, virus inactivation, polishing and in the form - fill and form - transfer process steps.

Process Development

The Ambr® 15 Microbioreactor Vessel determines optimal production conditions and is therefore an important tool for process development.

Scientist in laboratory with iQue

Analysis of Cell Culture Processes

Cell cultivation is initially tested at the lab-scale level. In trial series, the parameters of the individual samples are altered, such as pH, oxygen content and temperature, to find the conditions that are most conducive to optimal cell growth. During the cultivation process, the cultures are continually sampled and analyzed.

Safe Storage of Biologics

Transportation and storage of biologics are key intermediate steps in the production of biopharmaceuticals. To ensure the safety of these products across the entire process chain, these liquids are filled into sterile single-use bags and stored in specially designed tanks.

Cell Cultivation in Biopharmaceutical Processes

To enable cells to grow optimally in the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients, cells are cultivated in a bioreactor under controlled conditions. Important factors for cell growth include the composition of the nutrient medium, mixing efficiency, temperature, dissolved oxygen saturation and pH.

Octet R Series lab tech

Label-Free Detection Systems for Biomolecular Interactions Analysis

Sartorius Octet® systems allow scientists to analyze molecular interaction in real time without the need for markers.

Scientist with Arium Comfort

Ultrapure Water in the Lab

Type I reagent-grade water is essential in any laboratory and is used in nearly every lab procedure. Whether used to clean laboratory glassware, to prepare buffers and cell culture media or to perform critical laboratory applications, such as DNA sequencing, ultrapure water must have the appropriate degree of purity in order to ensure reliable research results.

Cell Harvesting

Sartoclear® depth filters were developed for demanding clarification applications in the biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries. The modular devices provide linear scalability from small to large scale processes.

Single-Use Filters

The preassembled Maxicaps® MR single-use filter configuration for the filtration of large volumes requires 90% fewer hoses and connections than comparable stainless steel systems.


Presentations Sartorius Group

Company Presentation Sartorius

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Investors Presentation

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Diversity Fact Sheet

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Other Publications

Annual Report 2023

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Universal Registration Document 2023

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Sartorius Press Kit EN

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Insight | Sartorius in Profile

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Sartorius Campus | Directions

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Sartorius Campus | Sitemap

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Book Projects

Sartorius 1870 - 2020

A team of authors examines the highs, lows, and technological advancements at Sartorius from a variety of viewpoints.

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Three renowned photographers explore the world of Sartorius in the three-part coffee-table book Process – People – Product.

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Sartorius during the Third Reich

Professor Manfred Grieger researched and documented the activities of the company and its entrepreneurs during the Nazi era.

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Too Big for the Old Works

Impressions, stories and pictures remind us of the old main plant, where Sartorius' heart beat for almost 120 years.

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