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The internationally acclaimed photographers Timm Rautert, Juergen Teller, and Henry Leutwyler delve into Sartorius in the three-part coffee-table book Process – People – Product. They reveal multiple facets of a company that, on the one hand, looks back on a long tradition and, on the other hand, has formulated a clear vision for the future: supplying products that make breakthroughs in life sciences and bioprocess engineering quicker and easier.

This book, produced in tandem with Gerhard Steidl in the anniversary year 2020 (Sartorius was founded in 1870), uses photographs to chart the story of a company in an ever-changing environment and is devoted to three essential factors in its success: outstanding employees, efficient workflows, and products that add value for customers.

While Timm Rautert offers insights into numerous and usually “hidden” production processes in Process, Juergen Teller highlights the diversity of the workforce at the Sartorius Campus in Göttingen and presents the creative thinkers driving the company in People. In Product, Henry Leutwyler showcases a selection of product-related artifacts spanning the entire history of the company – from an 1875 patent certificate to a modern-day bioreactor. The 293 photographs are complemented by copy written by scientific journalist Sibylle Anderl, who places the three factors in a philosophical context.  The result is a multifaceted publication that does justice to the dynamism of the entire company through powerful images.

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Stories from the Sartorius-Archives

40 Years in Puerto Rico

In 1983, Sartorius opened its first international production site in Yauco, Puerto Rico.

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Life Science and Beyond

In 1969, the „giant leap for mankind“ also marked the beginning of Sartorius’ involvement in several space missions.

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Richard Zsigmondy and the Origins of Sartorius Filtration Technology

Learn how the collaboration with Nobel Laureate Richard Zsigmondy emerged as the historical core of today’s bioprocessing business.

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Brand History – The Evolution of the Sartorius Logo

Markets, technologies, and products continue to evolve – and so does the Sartorius logo.

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Going Public – Going Places

1990 marked a turning point in Sartorius' corporate history: The company, which had been family run until then, was restructured and went public.

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Early Tech Transfer: From Poultry Farming to Microbiology

More than 120 years ago, company founder Florenz Sartorius also ventured into the field of microbiology.

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