Meet Our Specialists at analytica Munich 2024 – April 9-12

Sartorius Is Part of analytica Munich 2024

April 9 – 12, 2024

Hall A3 | Booth 308

Munich, Germany

The world's leading trade fair analytica focuses for 50 years on innovative and applied product and system solutions for laboratories in the industrial, research and science sectors. As the industry's definitive forum, analytica gives visitors a comprehensive market overview and information about the latest developments in laboratory technology, analysis and biotechnology.

Sartorius is happy to be part of it. Visit us in Hall A3 | Booth 308 to learn about our solutions and how we can help you. Our specialists are looking forward to meeting you there.

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Our Highlights at Analytica 2024

Molecule Development 

Biologics Molecule Development - Sartorius Solutions for Every Step of the Process

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Cell Line Development

Cell Line Development With Intelligent Tools, Services, and Solutions for Your Unique Needs

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Pharma QC

Smart Tools for Microbiological Quality Control

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Lab Essentials 

Instruments, Consumables, and Services for Biopharmaceutical, Chemical, Food, and Academic Labs

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Featured Presentations

Maximizing the Potential of 3D Organoid Research Using Automated Solutions

Date: Tuesday, April 9, 2024 | 10 am

Place: Hall A3, Area 527

The emerging field of 3D organoid research offers unprecedented insights into human development and disease by closely mimicking in vivo conditions. These complex in vitro models provide greater insight into structural and functional aspects, while offering more accurate estimates of drug efficacy and toxicity than conventional 2D models. However, the technical complexity of organoid assays and challenges in reproducibility have necessitated the development of automated solutions.

The use of automated real-time imaging and isolation platforms can drastically streamline organoid workflows. These platforms facilitate the monitoring of organoid growth and morphology, automate the isolation and transfer of fully characterized organoids, and ensure consistent, reproducible results. By reducing the time and resources required for organoid culturing, automated systems render the process more cost-effective and accessible, thereby accelerating the advancement of personalized medicine and various biomedical research applications.

Speaker: Jurij Kintz, Field Application Specialist | FAS BioA EME, Sartorius

A Matter of Balance: Compliant Cleaning for Uncompromised Weighing Results

Date: Tuesday, April 9, 2024 | 12pm

Place: Hall B1, Area 131 

Cleaning of a laboratory balance has a high relevance, because when uncleaned, it can lead to cross-contamination, may negatively impact the performance, and put users at safety risk. The higher the resolution, the greater is the risk of compromised weighing accuracy. During this presentation we will focus on discussing the importance of cleaning an analytical balance, educate how it impacts the weighing results and the sample quality. We will address the most typical challenges (e.g. complex disassembly of parts, unclear cleaning procedure, which chemicals to use) and educate how to tackle these challenges. We will give insights into cutting-edge solutions, such as visual guidance, process documentation and traceability, and explain the benefits of these solutions. 

Speaker: Dr. Lars Wallbaum, Product Manager | Lab Weighing Core, Sartorius