Focus on Today for a Better Tomorrow — a Case for Preclinical Vaccine R&D

With a market size of $34.7 billion in 2020 (compound annual growth rate [CAGR] 6.6%, 2020–2025) and over 5.5 billion doses administered in 2019, the global vaccines market continues its growth at a steady pace.

The plethora of vaccine types against infectious diseases and cancer (e.g., attenuated, inactivated, recombinant vector, autologous dendritic cell, DNA, RNA, etc.), their versatile deployment in an either preventative (e.g., Cervarix® [cervical cancer]) or therapeutic setting (e.g., TICE® BCG [early-stage bladder cancer]) clearly illustrate the technological and clinical achievements that save millions of lives.

This article was published as feature partnership with Drug Target Review in September 2021.

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