Cell Analysis Solutions for Cell Therapy Research

Information-Rich Solutions to Transform Cell Therapy Research and Discovery

The emerging field of cell therapy has the potential to deliver breakthrough treatments for a range of diseases including cancer. Scientists developing adoptive cell and other novel cell therapies require advanced tools for monitoring cells at every workflow step, from cell isolation, to manufacturing and packaging. Traditional microscopy or flow-based systems are limited with respect to scalability, ease of operation, sample conservation, and reporting on temporal effects. The Sartorius cell analysis platforms offer unique, high-capacity solutions for characterizing immune phenotype and function at unprecedented speed, depth and scale, throughout the cell therapy research and development process.

Our Solutions

Sartorius cell analysis platforms provide information-rich solutions for tracking complex biological processes. Our innovative technologies generate deeper and more relevant data on immune cell phenotype, activation, and function, using less of your precious samples. Unlike other approaches that require multiple assays or time points, our technologies reduce variability by delivering more data per time point, or multiple time points, in the same context, under the same conditions. Using our comprehensive analysis and visualization capabilities you will have access to actionable results, faster.

We offer unique solutions to address critical applications in the cell therapy workflow.

IncuCyte® Live-Cell Analysis System

Real-time, automated imaging and analysis of immune cell activation and function, directly from your incubator over days, weeks, or months.

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Intellicyt® iQue Screener PLUS

A high throughput, suspension cell and bead analysis platform for rapidly profiling cell phenotype and function in cell therapy workflows.

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NEW Editorial Article: Potential of CAR-T Therapies for Solid Tumors

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How We Accelerate Your Discovery

Speed, Depth, and Scale

  • Our instruments give information-rich data, with faster and higher throughput sample processing. Get actionable results, faster with our comprehensive data and analysis tools.

Robust and Reproducible Data

  • Get quantitative, reproducible, and physiologically-relevant data using our cell analysis platforms.

Sample Preservation

  • Reduce your sample volume requirements and perform non-perturbing experiments with our patented sampling technology.

Response Variability

  • Our instruments allow data collection over time, showing donor-to-donor variability and single-donor heterogeneity.


Advancing next generation therapeutics with real-time, live-cell analysis

Unprecedented advances in medicine are delivering remarkable results for some patients. Recent approvals of CAR T therapies and new approaches in regenerative medicine, for example, exemplify the progress being made. Much work remains, however, to extend the benefits of these game-changing treatment modalities to a larger patient population...

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CAR T-cell Therapy and Bispecific Antibodies: Frontiers in Cancer Immunotherapy

Register now to watch a panel of experts discuss the design, development, and success of CAR T-cell therapy and bispecific antibodies and the potential these therapeutics hold in the fight against various tumor types.

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Immune cell killing

Groundbreaking solutions for cell analysis at unprecedented speed, depth, and scale

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Immune cell proliferation/activation

Complex cell analysis that will translate discovery research into clinical success

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Cytokine profiling

Expand your high content analysis capabilities beyond what is possible with traditional cell analysis techniques

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Transform immuno-oncology development with high throughput sample processing and analysis

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Cell Therapy Resources

Enjoy these resources to help you find information-rich solutions to transform cell therapy research and discovery.

Brochure — IncuCyte® S3 Live-Cell Analysis System

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Product Specification Sheet — IntelliCyt® iQue Screener PLUS

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