Immune Cell Killing Solutions for Cell Therapy

Groundbreaking Solutions for Cell Analysis

A critical component of the human immune system is the ability to recognize and kill threatening cells. The immune system achieves this by two mechanisms: antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity and T cell killing. Both mechanisms begin with the stimulation of immune cell sub-populations, such as natural killer cells or cytotoxic T lymphocytes, which then actively lyse target cells. A key area of study in the field of cell therapy in immuno-oncology is the mechanism for interplay between immune and cancer cells. The IncuCyte® and Intellicyt® platforms deliver groundbreaking solutions for cell analysis at unprecedented speed, depth, and scale.

Application note:

A High-Throughput, Radioactivity-Free Assay For Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity

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IncuCyte® Live-Cell Analysis Solutions for Immune Cell Killing

Quantify immune cell-mediated killing of tumor cells directly from the incubator with IncuCyte® Immune Cell Killing Assays, offering:

  • Real-time visualization and fully automated analysis
  • Direct measurements of tumor cell death and viability
  • Generation of relevant measurement in a highly flexible assay format
  • Screening suitable mix-and-read 96/384-well assays

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Intellicyt® iQue Screener PLUS Solutions for Immune Cell Killing

MultiCyt® kits include optimized reagents that are validated on iQue® Screener PLUS platforms with

  • Time-saving, no-wash protocols
  • Flexible throughput formats
  • Multiplexing capabilities with other MultiCyt kits

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