Immunophenotyping Solutions for Cell Therapy

Transform immuno-oncology development with high-throughput sample processing and analysis

A critical step in cell therapy workflows is immunophenotyping, or analysis of cell-subtype populations. Traditionally, immunophenotyping is done using flow-based techniques, but they offer limited capabilities for assay throughput, automation, ease-of-use, and sample/reagent volume requirements. Transform your immuno-oncology development program with the Intellicyt® iQue Screener PLUS. 
Benefits include:

  • High-throughput sample processing and analysis
  • Simultaneous data collection on multiple parameters

Intellicyt® iQue Screener PLUS Solutions for Immunophenotying

ique3 advanced flow cytometry platform

Rapid phenotypic screening and profiling in immuno-oncology drug discovery with the iQue® Screener PLUS, a high-throughput suspension-cell analysis platform offering:

  • High content data from a few microliters of sample
  • Mix-and-read assays
  • Fastest plate processing (384-well plate in 15 minutes)
  • Automated plate-based analyses and comprehensive tools for visualization

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