CAR-T Therapy Process Development

CAR-T process development turns innovative ideas into manufacturable therapies. Successful process development requires:

  • Establishing process control to ensure meaningful screening, optimization, and scale-up
  • Automating processes to reduce operator-to-operator variability and facilitate throughput
  • Screening at the required throughput to enable swift process optimization
  • Characterizing the phenotype and function of CAR-T cell product to ensure the quality of the resulting cells
  • Acquiring process insight by correlating critical process parameters (CPPs) and critical quality attributes (CQAs) to scale up seamlessly

Sartorius T-Cell Solutions for Process Development enable rapid screening and optimization of CAR-T processes as well as transition to manufacturing in order to accelerate time-to-market.

7 Resources to Optimize your CAR-T Process

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CAR-T Process Development Solutions

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Sartorius T-Cell Pilot Solution

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