5 Times Faster Media Preparation

With CHOmedia Low Density Powder

5min mixing of CHOmedia (low density powder) compared to 20min competitors mixing Systems. Flexel® bags for the magnetic mixer contain an in-center magnetic impeller assembly and are available in a range from 50 l to 2,000 l.

Footprint Reduction Through Flexact® Modular

Less than 4 m² Footprint up to 1.000L Scale

Reduce your risk and maximize your Investment in process systems. Flexact® for media prep is fully scalable from 50L to 3,000L. The Flexact® controller is interchangeable throughout multiple process steps. This flexibility makes it ideal for use in multi-product facilities providing versatility and cost reduction as you do not require a separate unit for each process step.

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Powerful Media Filtration

Platform Your Media Filtration with Sartopore® 2 XLM 0.1 μm

Sartopore® 2 XLM 0.1 μm exhibits exceptional throughput over multiple Biomanufacturers’ platform media and feeds with no impact on cell growth and productivity. Protect it with Sartoguard family of PES-based prefilters to lower your total cost of ownership even further.

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Powerful Media Solutions for High Titer CHO Cultures

Guaranteed Reproducible Cell Growth

Sartorius has developed a new polyethylene film and bioprocessing bags to facilitate the way towards the single-use facility of the future. Flexsafe® meets the most stringent needs for safer bioprocessing. The complete range of scalable Flexsafe® bags enables you to implement single-use bioprocessing throughout all steps of drug manufacture, from process development through scale-up to cGMP commercial manufacturing – all using just one film.

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Virus clearance validation services

Confidence® Virus Clearance Services: Quicker LRV Results

Validate the viral reduction performance of Virosart® HF with our Confidence® Services: Highly purified viruses and expert knowledge.

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Your Biomanufacturing Solutions Partner

Rapid and cost-effective single-use / hybrid solutions from early phase development through scale-up to commercial manufacturing.

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