Step 6: Bulk Drug Substance Filtration

Safety and Reliability in Sterile Filtration

Maximum Yield at Lowest Protein Adsorption

Sartopore® Platinum 0.2 μm is the ultimate PES filter for Bulk Drug Substance Filtration in modern single use processes as it offers the highest throughput due to its TwinTM Pleat structure,  the highest protein yield due to permanently hydrophilic surface modification and requires 90% less flush volume prior to Integrity Testing.

Increase Your Yield by up to 50%

PES Membrane with the Lowest Protein Adsorption

Sartopore® Platinum 0.2 μm third-generation PES membrane with its unique, permanently hydrophilic surface modification has one of the lowest protein adsorption profiles, increasing your target protein output for every batch.

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Perfect Solution as you Transition to Single-Use Filling Manifolds

Sartopore® Platinum filter requires 90% less WFI flush volume with only 1 L needed for 5” (size 9) capsule for Integrity Testing, thanks to its unique, permanently hydrophilic surface modification. You can conveniently conduct post-sterilization; pre-use Integrity Testing with smaller flush bags, simplifying single-use assembly designs.

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