Step 5: Concentration | Buffer Exchange

60% Reduction in Process Time Compared to Multi-Use Systems

Cut Your Buffer Consumption in Half

Reduce your concentration and buffer exchange process time by 60% with the market leader for UF|DF. No need for CIP and SIP with our ready to use pre-flushed and Gamma irradiated single-use systems. You benefit from a 10 fold reduction in set-up and removal times when compared with multi-use systems.

8 X Process Time Reduction

Faster Process Time with Flexact® Modular CF

The Flexact® Modular is interchangeable throughout multiple process steps. This flexibility makes it ideal for use in multi-product facilities providing versatility and cost reduction as you do not require a separate unit for each process step.

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Filter Loop with Self Contained Sartocube® – Hydrosart® Inside

For single-use processing Flexact® UD is supplied with a gamma sterilized loop consisting of a pre-flushed Hydrosart® Self Contained Sartocube®, two pressure domes and a 50 L recirculation bag with vent filter and tubing. Due to the fully enclosed design the assembly is well suited for vaccine, recombinant protein and highly toxic ADC production.

Get 2x Higher mAb Yield

Consistent Product Recovery no Matter What

Get the maximum product yield using our unique Hydrosart® membrane technology. Benefit from a chemically resistant cellulose membrane. It ensures the highest product recovery even under harsh process conditions.

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Bioburden Under Control

Platform Your Downstream 0.2 μm Filtration with Sartopore® 2 XLG

Choose Sartopore® 2 XLG 0.8/0.2 μm for sterile filtration of downstream intermediates and protection of your crossflow equipment with demonstrated high capacity over numerous molecules. Its fully-scalable portfolio with standard offering as Filter Transfer Sets enables very easy integration into modern single-use processes.

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Virus clearance validation services

Confidence® Virus Clearance Services: Quicker LRV Results

Validate the viral reduction performance of Virosart® HF with our Confidence® Services: Highly purified viruses and expert knowledge.

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Your Biomanufacturing Solutions Partner

Rapid and cost-effective single-use / hybrid solutions from early phase development through scale-up to commercial manufacturing.

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Step 4: Virus Filtration

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