How to Determine the Total Solid Content of Latex With the LMA200 Microwave Moisture Analyzer

Last updated: May 2022


The fast, reliable determination of total solid content of latex precursors is critical for further processing into medical products. In order to determine the total solid content of latex, current standards such as the ASTMD1417-16 (Standard Test Methods for Rubber Latices – Synthetic) are used. The methods presented in chapter 4 of the ASTMD1417-16 can be very time-consuming.

For example, a drying oven measurement including the cooling process requires about 40 minutes, while measurement in the infrared (IR) dryer requires about 25 minutes.

In this application note we explain how to develop a method to determine the total solid content of latex with the LMA200 microwave moisture analyzer in a little over one minute. Additionally, we show that the data is comparable to recognized reference methods.

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Key Takeaways

  • The simple method for measuring the total solid content of latex samples on the Sartorius LMA200 Moisture Analyzer, which uses a microwave drying method.
  • Guidelines on the optimal way to set up the sample to avoid artifacts like skin formation that interfere with measurement accuracy.

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