Active and Accurate Air Monitoring: Know Your Limits

The relentless existence and propagation of microorganisms in the air make it mandatory for you to establish, implement and maintain a formal system for controlling biocontamination in your processes. It is critical for you to employ a reliable and validatable air monitoring method that eliminates any adverse effects on the test area while providing dependable results.

Filtration or Impaction: Your Choice

Accurately detect airborne microorganisms or viruses using a validatable method that eliminates adverse effects on your test area. Whether you prefer the gelatin membrane filtration method or the impaction technique, the choice is yours.

Sample Sartorius benefits such as:

  • Stationary and portable sampling systems
  • Differentiated detection of high colony counts and viruses based on the solubility of gelatin
  • Gelatin filter solubility ideal for rapid testing methods
  • The highest retention rates for bacteria, viruses, spores and phages
  • Ready-to-use filters, disposables and culture media plate

Whether in environmental care or occupational health and safety applications, if you expect high colony counts or even viruses, gelatin membrane filtration is the method of choice. Microbes of one sample can be cultivated on different nutrient media at the same time for enhanced detection.

Gelatine Membrane Filtration

A Low-Cost Microbial Screening Tool in Bio-Secured Broiler Production


NASA used MD8 Air Monitoring Technology Aboard the ISS

Learn how NASA utilizes Sartorius MD8 Airscan®️ technology for cataloging and characterizing potential disease-causing microorganisms aboard ISS.

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Sartorius Solutions for Air Monitoring

MD8 Air Samplers

The MD8 air samplers, MD8 Airport and the portable Airport MD8, are designed to detect smallest viruses and microorganism in the air.

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Bactair: Making a Big Impact

These prefilled, sterile-packaged, ready-to-connect agar plates allow impaction directly onto the culture media.

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Unique Gelatin Membrane Filters

Take advantage of continuous agar-free air monitoring up to 8 hours non-stop and minimize your risk of secondary contamination.

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