IntelliCyt® iQue Screener

Rapid high content suspension cell screening

The IntelliCyt® iQue Screener PLUS platform integrates a flow based instrument with enabling and easy to use software and reagents designed to address key challenges across the suspension-cell screening workflow. The platform allows researchers to acquire and analyze high content, multiplexed assays needed to assess immune cell function by combining cell immuno-phenotyping, cell health, and secreted protein (cytokine) analysis in every well of a microtiter plate.

Whether working with a few or thousands of samples, the heart of the IntelliCyt platform is its powerful ForeCyt® Software that provides an intuitive and comprehensive analysis and visualization environment to quickly turn multi-parameter data into straightforward, actionable results. From linking well data to combining multiple assay outcomes together to expedite identification of leads, ForeCyt® software streamlines your analysis workflow by providing cell, well, plate and experiment level data at your fingertips thus enabling you to get to insights that drive drug discovery.

Key advantages over current methods include:

  • Speed — Fastest plate processing; automated analysis; short assay development
  • Miniaturization — Lowest assay volume saves reagents and conserves precious cells
  • Usability — Turn key analysis, walk away automation, and ease of use
  • Content — Individual cells to populations, multiplexed targets and phenotypes, cells and beads together
  • Insight — Link information, run scenarios, create knowledge, make better decisions