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Octet® ProA Calibrator Set

Octet® ProA Calibrator Set is intended for the calibration of the Octet® ProA Biosensors and generation of a standard curve for IgG titer measurement. The set includes 8 calibrators with IgG concentrations ranging from 1 – 700 ug/mL

Item no.:  18-1118

Price (USD):  $270.00


* 24 Hours Turnaround Time

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Recommended for use with Protein A Biosensors for validation purposes only. Not for use with crude samples.


  • Application

Compliance Information

  • GMP Kits


  • Device/Instrument Compatibility
    • Octet® R8
    • Octet® R4
    • Octet® R2
    • Octet® RH96
    • Octet® RH16
    • Octet® RED96e

Product Information

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Octet® Sample Diluent
Item no.


Octet sample dilution buffer for quantitation assays, 50mL. Contains Kathon.

Octet® Kinetics Buffer 10X


Sartorius’ Octet® Kinetics Buffer 10X (10x KB) is essential for kinetics applications performed on the Octet® platform with Octet® biosensors.

Key Features of Octet® Kinetics Buffer 10X

  • Optimized buffer matrix to be used in kinetics assays
  • Compatible with all Octet® biosensors and Octet® systems

Top Applications for Octet® Kinetics Buffer 10X

  • Kinetics assays on the Octet platform