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Biostat® RM

The Biostat® RM is a GMP compliant, wave-mixing bioreactor. It is paired with single-use Flexsafe® RM bags and is proven for a broad range of different cell lines incl. CHO, NS0, Sf9, E. coli, stem cells, and CAR-T cells. Especially, customers working with shear-stress-sensitive cell lines and bioconjugates acknowledge benefits of the rocking motion technology.

The modular concept of the Biostat® RM portfolio, ranging from 2 L to unique 200 L, provides flexibility to manage your individual process needs. Biostat® RM saves space, reduces costs, and increases yields. In addition, Biobrain® - the commercial manufacturing-ready automation platform shared between Biostat® RM and Biostat STR® - enables a seamless transfer from product development to manufacturing scale. This makes the Biostat® RM an integral part of the intensified seed train

Item no.:  BIOSTATRM


The Biostat® RM portfolio with the Biobrain® automation platform is an “out of the box” modular solution that can accelerate time to market by eliminating the need to acquire, qualify and install new equipment for different workflows. That, combined with the benefit of Biobrain® the shared automation platform from PD to CM, also reduces the time spent on operator training and troubleshooting.

The Biostat® RM portfolio helps streamline process transfer between product development and manufacturing thanks to the unique Biostat® RM 200 rocking motion bioreactor which meets CM regulatory norms and requirements, and Biobrain® – the shared automation platform that eliminates the need to switch operating systems between PD and CM and reduces the margin of error through an intuitive interface that guides operators through all processes.

The modular equipment concept of Biostat® RM supports multiple configurations making it easier to test different setups and switch between different production scenarios, allowing flexible workspaces where the same rocking motion platform can be used with either a 20 L or 50 L tray, as well as with a variety of Flexsafe® RM bags (e.g., basic, optical or perfusion configurations). The flexibility this provides means one production seed train can be suitable for both classic fed-batch and intensified processes.


Biostat® RM Rocking Motion Bioreactor Powered by Biobrain®
en 458.1 kB


  • Application
    • Mammalian cell culture
    • Insect cell culture
    • Low to medium density microbial cultures
    • Shear-stress-sensitive cells such as stem cells
    • mAB Production
    • Recombinant Protein Production
    • Thermo-sensitive organic samples
  • Application Area
    • Preclinical and clinical studies
    • Small scale production of monoclonal antibodies
    • Recombinant proteins and vaccines- cGMP production
    • Large scale seed expansion
  • Process Step
    • Seed expansion
    • Commercial Manufacturing
    • Process Development
    • Pilot
    • Sampling Application
  • Scale
    • Commercial manufacturing
    • Product development

Compliance Information

  • Compliance
    CE, UL (EN 61010, EN 60204), CSA, RoHS
  • IP Protection Class
    • IP 54 for the control tower
    • IP 23 for RM 20|50 Rocker
    • IP 21 for RM 200 Rocker

Connections (Physical)

  • Connectivity
    SCADA (BioPAT® MFCS, DeltaV)


  • Display
    • Touch screen display
    • Tempered glass
    • IP 54
    • Inclinable
    • Detachable
    • Capacitive
  • Display Size
    17.3" (450 x 394 x 200 mm)
  • Sensors
    • Optical pH
    • Optical DO
    • BioPAT® Viamass
    • BioPAT® Trace
  • Temperature Sensor

Product Information

  • Brand
  • Mixing Technology
    Wave mixed technology
  • Type of Pump
    Built-in variable speed pumps (0 - 200 rpm)

Usage Protocols

  • Cleaning
    VHP cleanability.


  • Maximum Working Volume
    • For RM 20 Rocker: 10 L
    • For RM 50 Rocker: 25 L
    • For RM 200 Rocker: 100 L