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PBS Prefilled Liner 50L

For open mixing solutions, pre-filled Flexel® Liner 50L requires minimal setup and reduced footprint for the buffer preparation. The hydration process is achieved in a few minutes only; the milling process for the powder manufacturing ensures a homogeneous particle size distribution.

Item no.:  CQB3FA0001


Ready to hydrate Powder PBS 1X Flexel® Liner 50L is designed for open mixing applications in drums in either Class D or Class C environment thanks to a double wrapping in sealed pouches


Ready-to-Hydrate Buffers - Pre-weighed powder buffers in Flexel ® Tank Liners & Powder Transfer Bags for downstream processing applications.
en 916.3 kB

Safety Datasheet

4Cell® Ready to Hydrate Powder PBS 1X
en 174.8 kB

Compliance Information

  • Compliance
    NAO | Non Animal Origin

Physicochemical Information

  • Concentration

Product Information

  • Packaging
    Flexel® Liner

Storage Conditions

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