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High Precision Load Cell

Item no.:  WZA523-NC

Price:  $4,875.00

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The WZA-NC series — OEM weigh cells — WZA224-NC WZA523-NC WZA1203-NC
en 103.8 kB
Die WZA-NC Serie — OEM Wägezellen — WZA224-NC WZA523-NC WZA1203-NC
de 101.8 kB

User Manual

Wägezellen Modelle WZA...-N, WZA...-NC, WZA224-ND
de 1.9 MB
Sartorius Weigh Cells — Models WZA...-N, WZA...-NC, WZA224-ND
en 2.3 MB


  • Readability
    1 mg
  • Repeatability
    ≤± 1 mg

Operating Conditions

  • Maximum Weighing Capacity
    520 g

Product Information

  • Pack Size
  • Primary Product Type
    Weigh Cells
pressure plate (level indicator)


level indicator
level indicator
Item no.:   69B12133


Motor, compl.
Motor, compl.
Item no.:   69CP0104


Item no.:   69CP0172


Null indicator subassembly, compl.


Data output PCB
Data output PCB
Item no.:   69W00148


Power initially plate
Power initially plate
Item no.:   69W00150


Digital module pcb (needs to be prog.)


Power socket
Power socket
Item no.:   69W00152


System-PCB (needs to be programed)


cable load cell
cable load cell
Item no.:   69W00159