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Arium® Foot Switch

Lab water system accessories. Dispense guns, water storage tanks, water guards, conductivity meters or printers - Sartorius offers a broad range of accessories to assist your daily work with the Arium® lab water system.

Item no.:  H2O-AFS1

Availability:  On Request


Greater convenience during ultrapure water dispensing.

Easy-to-connect foot switch to start and stop the waterdispense process. The foot switch enables work to be performed with both hands, e.g. for exchanging vessels.

For use with following lab water system series:
Arium® Comfort
Arium® Pro


arium® comfort I — Platzsparende Twin Technologie
de 788.0 kB
arium® comfort II — Beste Technologie Ohne Kompromisse
de 808.7 kB
arium® comfort I — Space-saving Twin Technology
en 607.6 kB
arium® comfort II — Best Technology Without Compromise
en 673.3 kB
arium® pro Ultrapure Water Systems — Application-orientated and flexible to meet the highest demands
en 669.5 kB
arium® pro Reinstwassersysteme — Anwendungsorientiert und flexibel für höchste Ansprüche
de 1.2 MB


  • Dimensions
    14 cm × 4.5 cm × 10.6 cm
  • Pack Size

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