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Integrity test holder for Sartolab®

For media that contain sera and difficult-to-filter solutions a Sartolab® P20 plus unit with an incorporated pre filter is also available. Filtration range 100ml up to 10 liters.

Item no.:  18099

Price:  $415.00

1 Piece

Sartolab® P20 Plus for reliable sterile filtration of tissue culture solutions. Ready-to-use unit which, attached to a membrane pump or tube pump, quickly and reliably sterilize 100 ml to 5 liter of media and aqueous solutions. The combination of a large filtration area (20 cm²) and an automatic de-aeration ensures high flow rates and optimal total throughputs. Automatic venting of any trapped air through the PTFE membrane-protected vent ports ensures that the entire filter surface is used for effective filtration. Sartolab® P20 Plus units have an extraordinarily favourable price-performance ratio. Often, the total filterable volume can even be doubled due to an integrated binder-free glass fibre prefilter.

  • Fast filtration
  • Economic
  • Security


Laboratory Filtration Products
en 17.2 MB

General Specifications

  • Additional Product Specifications
    • Diaphragm: Max. 3
    • 000/min
    • Electical supply: 220 V
    • 50 Hz
    • Preset operating pressure: 2.5 bar

Materials of Construction

  • Housing Material
    Polypropylene (PP)
  • Materials of Construction
    • Polypropylene housing, PTFE membrane, EPDM seals and valves
    • PTFE membrane
    • EPDM seals and valves
  • Membrane Material
    Polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE)

Operating Conditions

  • Maximum Operating Pressure
    3 bar (44 psi)
  • Operating Pressure
    2.5 bar

Power Requirements

  • Input Wattage
    15 Watts
  • Line Voltage
    220 V

Product Information

  • Brand