Pipette Calibration Accessories

Pipette Calibration Software Pipetto

Pipetto calibration software is a professional pipette management solution. The software is available in three different versions: Basic, Standard and Pro.

  1. Basic version: Simple and specially designed for small in-house calibration laboratories that comply with ISO 8655.
  2. Standard version: Ideal for calibration laboratories with multiple workstations that comply with ISO 17025.
  3. Pro version: The optimum solution for accredited calibration laboratories that comply with ISO 17025 and FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

The Standard and Pro versions both have network capability and user management features including individual task assignment options.

All three software solutions are exceptionally easy to use – pipettes can be selected and calibrated with just a few clicks. The software language can also be switched between German and English.

Optional expansion modules for Pipetto Standard and Pro:

  • For connecting to an MPS pipette calibration balance
  • For connecting to a Speedcal mobile multi-channel calibration balance
  • For calculating the expanded measurement uncertainty*
  • For importing data from other calibration programs e.g. PiCaSo

*Only available for Pipetto Pro


  • Complete ease of operation: Select and calibrate pipettes quickly and easily 
  • Calibration software for single and multi-channel pipettes, dispensers, burettes, etc. 
  • Seamless integration with your Cubis MPS and Speedcal mobile system 
  • Compatible with all standard balances 
  • Up-to-date pipette database

Climate Control Tower YCM20MC

  • Monitors environmental climate conditions:
    • Temperature 
    • Humidity
    • Barometric Pressure
  • Optional DAkkS calibrated
  • Integration into Calibration Software possible

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Liquid Reservoir YCP05-LR01

  • Internal temperature control ensures error-free calibration measurements
  • Triggers red alert, if temperature is out of tolerance
  • Compatible with Speedcal and Cubis® MPS

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Suction Pump YCP05-SP01

  • For quick and easy emptying of the pipetting vessel
  • Powerful & Robust 

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Pipette Calibration Accessories for Cubis® II Analytical Balance

Pipette Calibration Kit YCP04MS

  • Pipette calibration kit consists of moisture trap and all required adapters

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QApp - Pipette Check for Cubis® II MCA (QAPP005)

  • The Sartorius QAPP runs as embedded software on the balance and does not require additional PC software
  • For maximum efficiency and safety: The user is guided step by step through the DIN ISO 8655 workflow 
  • The evaluation and documentation (e.g. as PDF document) is done by the QAPP
  • Optionally, environment conditions can be monitored with an external climate module
  • Pipettes can be managed comfortably in an inventory database on the balance

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