Explosion Protection

  • Explosion Protection in the Paint-Mixing Room
  • No Compromises When It Comes to Workplace Safety

Today, we take a safe work environment for granted. However, accidents caused by explosion in the paint refinishing shop occur over and over again as a result of incorrect handling or the wrong use of unsuitable equipment.

In processing hazardous materials, industrial plants and shops need to meet especially high safety requirements. Workplace safety in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres is defined by international standards and regulations, which are also applicable to body shops, especially to paint-mixing rooms in the refinishing industry.  

The combination of paint, solvents, oxygen and electrical equipment in these areas is a powerful, potential ignition source that poses the risk of an explosion at all times. Though not always apparent, this risk is continuously present and must not be underestimated.                   

Even in non-regulated areas, there is a clearly recognizable, growing trend in the industry to comply with ever-higher health and safety standards. The use of explosion-protected equipment not only increases workplace safety, but also minimizes the risk of damage and the consequences entailed.

Employee safety and shop protection should have the highest priority, and this starts right with the responsible choice of safe work equipment and tools.

Innovative Sartorius products for applications in paint refinishing shops meet the highest national and international requirements imposed on hazardous areas. Ask your paint supplier about Sartorius products available or contact Sartorius directly at

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