Weighing Modules for Precise and Accurate Weighing

Choose from a range of 45 different weighing modules the one that fits best to your preferences.

Configuration Ranges

  • Max. capacity between 2.1 g and 10.1 g | scale interval with a range of 0.1 μg to 1 μg.
  • Automatic, round, glass draft shield with learning capability, illumination and integrated motion sensor.
  • Manual stainless steel draft shield for filter weighing applications.
  • Max. capacity between 120 g and 520 g | scale interval with a range of 0.01 mg to 0.1 mg.
  • Automatic glass draft shield with or without integrated ionizer to eliminate interfering electrostatic charges on samples and sample containers.
  • Manual glass draft shield with smooth-action doors.
  • Max. capacity between 320 g and 14,200 g | scale interval with a range of 1 mg to 100 mg
  • Easy-to-use manual glass draft shield
  • Alternatively removable flat stainless steel draft shield frame

Max. capacity between 11,200 g and 70,200 g | scale interval with a range of 100 mg to 1 g.

Ultra-Micro and Micro Balances

The new micro balances fulfill the highest requirements at the level of accuracy and precision and can be easily integrated into workflows used in highly diverse areas, including QC and analytical labs in the pharma industry (pharma QC), medical devices, environmental and automotive industries, amongst others. With unique new features Cubis® II micro balances offer outstanding performance with a capacity of 10g and readability of 1 µg. Cubis® II ultra micro and micro balances fulfill all requirements for pharma and GxP compliance and meet the requirements of U.S.Pharmacopeia Chapter 41 for very low minimum weight. (with optional QApp Pharma package)


  • Motion sensor for touch free opening/closing of the draft shield
  • Illuminated draft shield, optimal view, optimal handling even of the smallest amounts of samples
  • The first automated motorized leveling for ultra-micro and microbalances 
  • High-quality titanium weighing pans with non-magnetic features for better weiging performance

Filter weighing: For particulate matter determination, we offer special balances designed specifically for filter weighing. Filter weighing balances are equipped with a specific stainless steel draft shield, which is designed to minimize the effects of static electricity. We offer various special titanium weighing pans (50 mm filter weighing pan is standard; YSH35 75mm weighing pan and YSH36 90mm weighing pan is available as accessory.

Efficient cleaning: keeping the balance clean to prevent cross-contamination has key importance. The design of the ultra-micro and microbalances allows easy disassembly and assembly of the draft shields, which makes cleaning, as well as removal of any sample residues, fast and simple.

Cubis® II Resources

Product Data Sheet and Technical Specifications — Cubis® II

PDF | 1.9 MB

Brochure: Cubis® II — Your Balance, Your Way

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