Application Highlight: Mycap® CCX Processing Offers Safe Gravimetric Workflow 

Mycap®️ CCX serves for expansion of suspension cell culture from cell banks to seed bioreactor. The expansion process is performed through multiple passages of successively larger Erlenmeyer flasks and involves the aseptic transfer of media and/or inoculum between donor and recipient flasks and the amount is gravimetrically measured. Using this system eliminates the need to work in a biosafety cabinet for media or inoculum transfer since the flask cap does not have to be removed for fluid transfer during passaging or sampling. 

The Cubis®️ II software application Mycap®️ CCX processing offers the transfer of media or inoculum between Mycap®️ Erlenmeyer flasks using peristaltic pumps. Learn more about the process by downloading this informative application highlight. 

Commonly Asked Questions:  

  • What is cell culture expansion?
    • Cell cultures are important elements to various biosciences and bioindustries. Because the demand for viable cells for study is constant, so is the demand for reliable methods of producing large supplies. Cell culture expansion is the harvesting of viable cells into a seed train, or progressively larger sequence of cultivation containers to increase cell production.

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