Application Highlight: Ensure Medication Safety, Dosage Unit Uniformity with Tablet Check

According to European Pharmacopoeia, tablets and capsules containing 25 mg or more of an active substance must be checked to ensure the consistency of dosage units. Checking the uniformity of active substance amounts in single-dose medications is important to prevent under or over dosage. These standardized tests include uniformity of content, disintegration time, dissolution and uniformity of weight.  

Download this application highlight and learn about how weight testing can be easily performed with the use of a Cubis® II MCA balance and QApp tablet check. Let us help you keep your products safe, effective and compliant. 

Commonly Asked Questions:  

  • What is European Pharmacopoeia?
    • According to the European Medicines Agency, it is a compendium of resources on the qualitative and quantitative composition of medicines. It also includes information and regulation regarding medication testing, raw materials used in medication production and the intermediates of synthesis.

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