Sialic Acid (GlyS) Kit

High Throughput Glycan Screening of Crude and Purified Samples

  • No sample purification or digestion required; reduces preparation time by up to 3 hours
  • Screen for samples with desired sialylation levels – high, medium or low
  • Combine titer data with sialic acid data for more informed decisions

Glycosylation is considered among the most important post-translational modifications when developing new biologics.

Having a significant impact on product performance and variability, glycosylation is a critical quality attribute (CQA) influencing product safety and efficacy.

Protein glycosylation can affect isolation and purification steps (process consistency), pharmacokinetics (half-life) properties and in vitro stability (product shelf-life). Sialic acid content is especially important as it can impact the stability and clearance of a protein.

The Sialic Acid (GlyS) Kit provides a rapid and convenient method for relative screening of terminal sialic acid content in crude or purified samples. Sialic acid data can be combined with titer data using Octet Data Analysis HT software version 11.1 or higher to funnel through samples that are high producers and have desirable sialic acid content.

Human IgG or Human Fc-fusion Proteins Workflow

Selective amplification of signal is from the protein of interest and not from host-cell protein (HCP).

Comparison of GlyS Throughput on Various Octet Systems

Assay ParameterOctet RED96e System, Sidekick and GlyS KitOctet RED384 System, Sidekick and GlyS KitOctet HTX System and GlyS Kit

Time to Results

<2.5 hr/96 samples

˜1.5 hr/96 samples

<1 hr/96 samples

Sample Type

Crude cell culture supernatant

Crude cell culture supernatant

Crude cell culture supernatant

Sialic Acid (GlyS) Kit

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