Benefits of Electronic Pipette Use for Pipetting PCR Master Mix Application Note

Sensitivity of Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR) based assays is one of the most important reasons for their success and abundant use in  scientific laboratories. However, many factors including pipetting technique can influence qPCR assay results. PCR Master mix is routinely used during qPCR set-up but can be challenging to pipette accurately. In this study, we tested the use of electronic pipettes for pipetting Master mix for qPCR. We demonstrate that Master mix can be pipetted to obtain good precision and accuracy using electronic pipette and low retention filter tips or standard filter tips. Use of electronic pipettes ensured both speed and reproducibility of the results. We conclude that for pipetting Master mix, use of electronic pipette ensures reproducible and reliable results when performing PCR-based assays.

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