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Sartorius Optifit tips are an excellent choice for various laboratories and pipetting tasks with their wide range of packaging and purity options. They ensure the performance of Sartorius pipettes and repeatability of your results like no other tip can.​

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Optifit Tips Features

High Quality Tips

Optifit tip manufacturing process has strict quality controls to ensure that each tip from each batch is uniform. They are made from medical grade polypropylene and thanks to the fully automated production process they ensure the purity level your experiments require.

Easy-to-Use Packaging​

You have multiple convenient packaging options to choose from: ready-to-use single tray, two refill options or bulk tips.​ Tip racks and packaged are color-coded for easy matching with Sartorius pipettes.​

Tip for Every Use

Our standard tip range is from 10 µl to 10 ml but you can also get specialty tips from us.​ When you are pipetting from hard to reach sample tubes or want to be extra gentle when pipetting your cells check our extended length or wide bore pipette tips.​

Various packaging options​

Choose from sterilized single tray tips for clean rooms or from our practical refill options; there is a package for every lab.

The single tray pipette tip boxes are intended for applications requiring the utmost purity of products and are designed to have a small plastic footprint. The trays and tip boxes are made of pure polypropylene and are fully recyclable. The tips come in also recyclable cardboard boxes.

The refill packages are designed to offer a reduced plastic footprint, while maintaining product purity. The amount of plastic saved per refill package is the equivalent of approximately 38 water bottles per package compared to a single tray box

The very popular refill tower system is an ecological yet practical option that reduces the total waste of all product packaging by up to 61% and plastic by up to 48% compared to single tray box tips. Thanks to the small footprint of the product, this option reduces transportation emissions, as the package is only one-third the size of a single tray package, yet it contains the same number of pipette tips. 

FlexiBulk tip pack is the most ecological and economical choice. This package uses up to 67% less plastic and weighs 30% less compared to the single tray option. The amount of plastic saved per package is comparable to 75 water bottles and the package itself is less than half the size of the single tray package, which further reduces emissions from shipping.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The batch number provides full traceability for your organization and can be used to download or request batch specific certificates from the manufacturer. In rare cases of troubleshooting it can be used to rule out error sources or trace possible problems all the way back to the manufacturer. The batch specific purity certificates for Sartorius pipette tips can be downloaded from www.sartorius.com.

Yes, all Sartorius pipette tips are recyclable. Sartorius Optifit tips are made of pure Polypropylene (PP) and can be recycled or combusted. Safetyspace® Filter tips additionally include a pure Polyethylene (PE) filter and can also be recycled or combusted. Finally Low Retention pipette tips can be recycled as the above. Please note that pipette tips that have been used need to be evaluated for presence of hazardous materials.

When solutions have particulates that tend to clog the tip you can choose wide bore tips.

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