On-Demand Webinar: T Cell Characterization Combining Advanced Flow Cytometry with Live Cell Analysis

Immunotherapy, to help patients’ own immune systems target and kill cancerous cells, while sparing their healthy cells, requires a deep understanding of T cell biology.

Individual cell analysis techniques continue to advance, but a combination of in vitro assay types, can maximize the understanding of T cells.

This webinar provides an overview of advanced cell analysis techniques and details how to combine them, for maximum insight into T cell biology.

In this webinar, Dr. Clare Szybut discusses:

  • The use of advanced flow cytometry to link T cell function to marker expression and cytokine release
  • Mechanistic insights into T cell activation, killing, exhaustion, and memory through the characterization of bispecific antibodies
  • Combining Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis and iQue® advanced flow cytometry, to obtain additional insight into T cell function

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Webinar Speaker

Clare Szybut, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist, Sartorius

Dr. Clare Szybut is a senior scientist and currently leads the iQue® Applications group working within the European based Bio Analytics research team where she is involved in the research and development of novel applications for Intellicyt’s iQue®3 advanced flow cytometry platform to expand capabilities.

She is an accomplished cellular biologist with 8 years’ in the Biotech industry where she has specialized in the development of plate-based cellular assays to support both quantitative live cell analysis and high-throughput flow cytometry.

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