Application Note: Real-time Live-Cell Analysis of 3D Organoid Growth in Matrigel® Domes


Organoids are differentiated primary micro tissues formed from a variety of stem cells that can be established within 3D extracellular matrices, to mimic in-vivo architecture and genetic diversity.

As self-organizing and self-renewing structures, organoids have a distinct advantage over traditional monolayer culture techniques and hold unprecedented potential for various applications, such as translational human disease research, disease modeling, regenerative medicine and predictive precision therapies.

In order to effectively use these models in basic research, disease modeling and drug screening, specific and reliable in-vitro culture and analysis methods are required.

The Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis System, plus Incucyte® Organoid Analysis Software Module, provide a solution to standardize and automate, real-time kinetic measurements and organoid culture workflows. Hence simplifying culture characterization and optimization.

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