The ex vivo expansion of T cells is a critical process in the bio-manufacturing of adoptive cell therapies.  Recent clinical studies show a correlation between the persistence of subsets of functional memory T cells, including T memory stem cells (TSCM), central memory T cells (TCM) and other less differentiated T cell subsets, are responsible for long term anti-tumor responses in patient outcomes.

Technologies that can robustly and reliably provide high content immunophenotypic and functional data are therefore critical for the rapid and robust development of new therapies.

Dr John O’Rourke, Sartorius Head of Product Development for Cell Analytics, will discuss profiling T Cell memory subsets and functional cytokine release, using a rapid a multiparametric assay.


Key webinar discussion topics include:

  • How to miniaturize assay volumes by identifying T Cells, quantitating memory subsets, assessing cell health, proliferation and cytokine secretion in a single well
  • How to significantly reduce data analysis time from hours to minutes using advanced integrated data analysis visualization tools
  • How to increase assay productivity and simplify workflows using smarter, faster flow cytometry

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About the speaker

Dr. John O’Rourke 

Dr. John O’Rourke received his BS in chemistry from Northern Illinois University.  He completed his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from The Ohio State University where he studied cancer biology and gene regulation.  During his postdoctoral training at Nationwide’s Children’s Research Institute and the University of New Mexico, he continued his studies in cancer biology and the development of viral and nanoparticle-based therapeutics.  Dr. O’Rourke received his MBA from the Anderson School of Management at the University of New Mexico and joined Sartorius in 2017 as Manager of Assay Development. He is currently the Head of Product Development for Cell Analytics.

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