Webinar: CellCelector Flex: Nanowell-based Single Cell Cloning Platform for Accelerated Cell Line Development

This recording was made by Sartorius at SLAS Europe from 24-27 May 2022 in Dublin.

The webinar will discuss how to accelerate cell line development workflows with the new-to-Sartorius CellCelector Flex platform for high-throughput detection, selection and isolation of single cells and adherent colonies.

Push the Boundaries of Science

Cell Line Development for Bioprocessing Applications

  • Go from a pool of single cells to plates full of monoclonal, viable and productive clones, in under a week.

Single Cell Isolation

  • Speed up the generation of your producer cell lines with our nanowell-based single cell cloning method; one cloning round and in-process image-verified monoclonality and viability evidence.

Stem Cell Research

  • Maximize both the viability as well as the clonality of picked colonies while maintaining their pluripotent characteristics.

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Speaker Information

Susanne Freyberg

Application Specialist

ALS Automated Lab Solutions GmbH (now a part of Sartorius)

Susanne Freyberg is an Application Specialist at ALS Automated Lab Solutions GmbH (now a part of Sartorius) based in Jena, Germany. With more than a decade in the biotechnology and microbiology fields, Susanne’s experience spans several institutions including The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, USA. She has developed diagnostic test systems for the detection of infectious diseases, as well as the technology transfer from manually established methods to a fully automated test platform.

She obtained her master’s degree in microbiology from the University of Jena.

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