Case Study: A Move to Bispecific Antibodies From Research to Clinical Application

Learn how Octet® BLI transforms our approach to drug discovery and development in the field of multispecific antibodies.


Improved antibody production and recombinant techniques have fueled the development of antibodies and antibody constructs. Bispecific antibodies (bsAbs) are a versatile class of targeted therapeutics designed to bind two different sites, which can be either two different epitopes on the same antigen or located on two antigens.

The clinical therapeutic effects of bsAbs are superior to those of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), with broad applications for tumor immunotherapy as well as for the treatment of other diseases.

The high-throughput Octet® BLI platform allows for rapid screening of cell lines expressing the target bsAb – label-free, fluidics-free and in real-time. These case studies provide insight into solutions from our customers working in the field of engineering bsAb as next generation therapeutics. We hope that this can stimulate new ideas for the development and improvement of current clinical strategies.

Pages: 10
Read Time: 15 min
Last Updated: October 2022

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Case Studies Included

  1. A Novel T-Cell Engaging Bispecific Antibody Targeting the Leukemia Antigen PR1/HLA-A2
  2. A “Trojan Horse” Bispecific Antibody Strategy for Broad Protection Against Ebola Viruses
  3. Bispecific Antibodies Targeting Different Epitopes on the HIV-1 Envelope Exhibit Broad and Potent Neutralization
  4. Fab-Arm Exchange Combined with Selective Protein A Purification Results in a Platform for Rapid Preparation of Monovalent Bispecific Antibodies Directly from Culture Media
  5. Rational Design of a Tri-specific Antibody Targeting the HIV-1 Env with Elevated Anti-Viral Activity
  6. Bispecific antibodies with Fab-arms featuring exchanged antigen-binding constant domains
  7. Biophysical and biochemical characterization of a VHH-based IgG-like bi- and tri-specific antibody platform
  8. Potent Bispecific Neutralizing Antibody Targeting Glycoprotein B and the gH/gL/pUL128/130/131 Complex of Human Cytomegalovirus
  9. Bispecific VH/Fab antibodies targeting neutralizing and non-neutralizing Spike epitopes demonstrate enhanced potency against SARS-CoV-2
  10. Rational selection of building blocks for the assembly of bispecific antibodies

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