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Ambr® 15 Cell Culture Generation 2

Enhancing Cell Line Selection and Early Process Development

The new Ambr® 15 Cell Culture Generation 2 high throughput, automated bioreactor system for 24 or 48 parallel cultivations at the 10 –15 mL scale for cell line development, media & feed screening and early process optimization. Offering increased flexibility, enhanced performance and extended capabilities to speed up project timelines.

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Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn how the new Features & Functions of the 2nd generation Ambr® 15 Cell Culture system offers increased flexibility, enhanced performance and extended capabilities
  2. Speed up project timelines - see the latest test results from our cell culture passaging, fed-batch and perfusion mimic experiments
  3. Learn about a new automated approach to simplify the decision-making process for clone selection with the new clone selection software powered by Umetrics

Meet Our Experts

Alison Rees-Manley

Ambr® 15 Product Manager

Alison is the Ambr® 15 Product Manager at Sartorius Stedim Biotech. In this role, she has global responsibility for the Ambr® 15 product portfolio. Previously Alison held the role of Field Application Specialist providing scientific expertise and technical support for the complete Fermentation Technologies product portfolio in North Europe.  Prior to Sartorius, Alison held positions at Pfizer, Cantab Pharmaceuticals and Xenova Biomanufacturing within Upstream Process Development, gaining more than 10 years’ experience working with cell culture and fermentation.

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