Technical Note: High Precision Streptavidin 2.0 (SAX2) Biosensors

Streptavidin is often deployed as the molecule of choice for covalent linking to solid surfaces for ligand binding assays applications. Streptavidin’s biophysical properties enables it to form a high affinity non-covalent bond with biotin allowing for the tight immobilization of biotinylated ligands.

Octet® High Precision Streptavidin 2.0 (SAX2) Biosensors are developed to be used with the Octet® Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) platform and are qualified for applications in downstream drug discovery and regulated environments. They are QC-tested to meet precision-controlled biotinylated-ligand loading coefficient of variation (CV) specification of <4% within a lot and CV range of 20% across different lots and can used with any biotinylated molecule for both kinetics and quantitation assays where stringent precision requirements are in place.

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